Language Learning Resources

“So, are you fluent in Spanish?”

As someone with a university degree in the language who is about to spend a year living in Spain, it makes sense that I get asked this question a lot. Do I feel fluent? Yes, sometimes. Yet for as many times as I feel confident in my abilities, there are an equal number of situations that leave me feeling completely stumped and at a literal loss for words.

If you also speak another language or are in the process of learning one you might very likely face the same dilemma. Fluency in a second language isn’t always cut and dry.

In response to the above question, I’m working on compiling a list of resources for language learners. My goal is to include helpful tips and resources for those working towards fluency not only in Spanish, but for any language out there, so that you can communicate with ease.

Start here if you want to learn Spanish or keep your skills up to snuff with some tips that have helped me work towards becoming more fluent and sticking with it. 

If you speak another language and would like to contribute some ideas or a guest post, drop me a line at and let’s chat!