¡Bienvenidos! I’m Katie, KT Laves, etc. and welcome to Poco a Poco, my little corner of the internet. Follow along as I write about my experiences as an English language assistant in the south of Spain.

Until I get a classy, grown-up headshot in front on some cool European locale, here’s a picture of me posing with my girl Mafalda, one of my favorite comic book heroines, while studying abroad in Oviedo, Spain in 2015.


In Spanish, poco a poco means “little by little”. As I gear up to spend a year (or more, who knows) teaching English in the south of Spain, I’m learning that moving abroad is a confusing process that is best approached by taking everything bit by bit. It’s not always glamorous – moving abroad is SUPER different than studying abroad, and there is heck of a lot of red tape, but I’m slowly learning how to navigate Spanish bureaucracy, or at least I think I am.

Follow along on my adventures and inevitable mishaps as I navigate my new Spanish life. My hope is that this blog can teach you something new, or at the very least offer comic relief!